Roger Spurgin
Aurora, IL

Real Estate Professional Photographer with Decades of Experience. Matterport, Certified Drone and Quality HDR to HELP You Sell.

I work alone and provide quality imagery you can use.

Your safety and privacy are my utmost responsibility.
The property MUST be vacated prior to the arrival of the photographer.
Homeowners must leave the house - At the very least exit the house and stand outside 10 feet away from the photographer.
Agents are also not allowed to be inside the home during the photoshoot - If agents attend the shoot please also stand 10 feet away from the photographer.
The front door should be unlocked and ready for the photographer’s arrival.
The property must be completely prepared for the shoot - including all lights on, fans off, and window coverings open.
The photographer will not touch anything besides opening the front and back doors. The photographer will not turn on lights or otherwise assist with preparing the property for photos.
Homeowners should attempt to completely sanitize the property prior to the photographer’s arrival.

Mature and with over 20 years of experience are hallmarks you deserve in marketing your home. Choose from RocketPhoto adjusting or custom Spurgin Photography processed files.
Professional drone images enhance every listing and adding a video brings another easy medium to the market.
Try Matterport 3D imaging to allow your client a 1 click presentation of the property. Matterport videos are available from Spurgin Photography with a contract sale. Message me today. See it in action here:
Here are tips for showing your house:

Place all items/clutter not necessary for photoshoot inside the garage or extra closets.
 Overhead and side lamps Lights ON, fans + TV’s OFF
 Remove cars from driveway
 Put away toys, clutter, stacks of paper to closets or inside the garage
 Remove all refrigerator magnets
 Remove small kitchen appliances, food or cooking ware on counters and hide Paper Towel Rolls
 Make sure all the beds are made and pillows look neat (nothing strewn about)
 Hide toothbrushes, medications and personal hygiene products in bathrooms
 Put away shampoo/soap from shower view

Service Areas

Primary Service Area - Within 30 miles of Aurora, IL
Extended Service Area - Within 30-75 miles of Aurora, IL will incur a $30 travel fee

Terms & Conditions

Cancellations within 2 hours of the shoot will incur a $25 cancellation fee. The agent retains ownership of the delivered products.


# of Photos

$100 for 10 Standard Photos

- $10 for each additional photo.

$150 for 10 Advanced Photos

- $20 for each additional photo.

$120 for 10 Custom Photos

- $8 for each additional photo.

$100 for 5 Drone Photos

- $0 for each additional photo.

$120 for 5 Twilight Photos

- $10 for each additional photo.

$125 for Drone Video

$0 for 3D Walk Through

Total Cost Estimate