Kevin C Acheson
Columbia, MO

Driven. Passionate. Thorough. "When Good Enough, Isn't..."

Central Missouri based photographer (I do love travel, compensation contingent upon distance), looking forawrd to working with you. Guilty pleausre tidbit? Vintage houses and an excuse to shoot detail (wood or brass/glass work) are my hot button.
Quality photography speeds up the sales process, and allows, in many cases, one to list at a higher $ amount (value is in perception, photography creates or enhances siad perception in the buyers eyes). The amount you spend having that house put its best digital foot forward is a pittance in the grand scheme of things. Let's do this!.

Service Areas

Primary Service Area - Within 50 miles of Columbia, MO

Terms & Conditions

Cancellations within 2 hours of the shoot will incur a $25 cancellation fee. The agent retains ownership of the delivered products.


# of Photos

$75 for 10 Standard Photos

- $1.50 for each additional photo.

$90 for 10 Advanced Photos

- $1.50 for each additional photo.

$95 for 10 Photographer Edits

- $2 for each additional photo.

$39 for 5 Twilight Photos

- $2.50 for each additional photo.

$10 for Video

Total Cost Estimate