Luke Gallegos

Give me any canvas, and I'll create a masterpiece! (With my camera and MacBook)

What do you get when you mix creativity/visual/talent with hard-working/honesty/punctuality? Me, the product of my parents! After working at an advertising agency for 10 years, I branched out on my own to give me the freedom to focus on jobs I love to do... Photography and videography. I've spent every day since, learning and honing my craft so that I can provide the best product to every client!

Service Areas

Primary Service Area - Within 100 miles of AZ, USA
Extended Service Area - Within 100-100 miles of AZ, USA

Terms & Conditions

The photographer agrees that the ownership of the delivered products is negotiable.


# of Photos

$60 - 10 for Standard Photo

- $5 for each additional photo.

$80 - 10 for Advanced Photo

- $5 for each additional photo.

$80 - 10 for Photographer Edit

- $7 for each additional photo.

$50 - 5 for Twilight Photo

- $5 for each additional photo.

$50 - Video

Total Cost Estimate