Daniel List
Miami, FL

Taking a photo is one thing...Envisioning a future home is the main key in real estate.

Hello! Thank you for taking time to see my work my name is Daniel List. I'm a local native Floridan born and raised in Miami and I have been doing professional real estate media for last 4 years. My family has been in real estate for last 30 years and I've seen practically every style of home in all South Florida from town homes, to plantations and even water front mansions! Growing up seeing my father help his clients find their dream home or business locations I wanted to follow his footsteps and continue growing the family business but along the way I found my passion with cameras and soon a passion for real estate photography, videography and all media related to real estate. I myself am a realtor and as much as I love helping clients like my father has, I enjoy the creative side of portraying properties in their best light. I encourage you to browse my portfolio and see for yourself. I look forward to hearing from you and taking some amazing photos for your business!
Thank you for your consideration!

Service Areas

Primary Service Area - Within 20 miles of Miami, FL
Extended Service Area - Within 20-50 miles of Miami, FL will incur a $20 travel fee

Terms & Conditions

Cancellations within 2 hours of the shoot will incur a $75 cancellation fee. The photographer agrees that the ownership of the delivered products is negotiable.


# of Photos

$125 - 10 for Standard Photo

- $5 for each additional photo.

$150 - 10 for Advanced Photo

- $5 for each additional photo.

$200 - 10 for Photographer Edit

- $10 for each additional photo.

$100 - 5 for Drone Photo

- $5 for each additional photo.

$175 - 5 for Twilight Photo

- $10 for each additional photo.

$300 - Video

$250 - Drone Video

Total Cost Estimate